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Located at the tip of the Istrian peninsula, yacht charter Pula (or Pola, as it's known to Italians) represents one of Croatia's top attractions. With a distinctly medieval look which hails back to Roman and Venetian times, the city entertains ever increasing numbers of tourists every summer.

Pula has a long history, which dates back almost 3000 years, to its Illyrian founders. In 117 BC it became a Roman province and during the 7th century it fell under Slavic control. Despite that, Pula was inhabited for most of its history by Italians, begin disputed for much of the middle ages between Genoa and Venice. After a brief stint as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city became part of Croatia, although it still has many minority groups such as Serbs, Italians, Bosnians and Slovenes.

Among its most important sites is the Roman arena which towers over the city, the Forum in the town's main square, the Archeology Museum, the St. Francis monastery, the "Kastel" and the sailor's cemetery and the sailors monastery where close to 15,000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers are entered.

The central market is frequented by the locals, but tourists have learned that you can find good bargains here too. Fresh sea food, handicrafts, souvenirs and other trinkets are to be found here at decent prices. If you want to bring home with you some of the local specialties like wine and truffles, head down to Zigante. Of course, yacht charter Pula also caters for more modern needs, which can be satisfied at the mall outside of town, near the airport.

The local cuisine mirrors greatly that of the whole country, which can be described as fresh and sophisticated. Much like Mediterranean food, it relies heavily on sea food and local specialties such as olives or truffles, but due to its greener vegetation, it also add a little bit more meat, in the form of lamb or goat. You'll notice that many places serve Italian menus, a remnant of the local Italian population, but you can also enjoy International dishes. We recommend that you try the local delicacies as olives, wine and truffles grown here are said to have a unique aroma due to the soil and the climate.

The nightlife is vibrant here, although somewhat crippled due to the local restriction that imposes a general lights out after midnight in the old center of the town. Elsewhere however, the party goes on until the early hours of the morning.

In order to cater to the large number of yacht charter sailors and tourists, the city organizes most of its events during the summer months, events like the Seasplash Reggae Festival in July, the yacht charter Pula Film Festival, the Histria Festival in August. For locals, there are events outside the tourist season like the International Music Festival in November.